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Our press shop has the latest technological machinery park and supports the success of using them with ancillary automation equipment and keeps the productivity at the highest level.

Our terminal production has a wide range of production in parallel with customer expectations such as electric socket metal frame, socket contact, hook, socket terminals, thermostat parts, rotor and stator for motors in different sizes.

Our machine park includes 25 to 160 tons of C, D, H type presses. Our monthly production capacity of metal parts such as terminals, clips etc. is 100 million pieces.

Welded contact production and thread cutting operations can be simultaneously performed with using Bihler technology.

Our monthly production capacity of welded contacts is 10 million pieces.

We can satisfy our customers’ special requests and demands by using linear and radial production methods with multiformer machines.

Our monthly production capacity of metal (terminal, clip etc.) parts is 5 million pieces.